Calls for entries:

Upcoming design competition deadlines

All of the following competitions deadlines present great opportunities to showcase your design efforts, market your work on an international scale through the published books, and "toot!" your own horn to clients, peers and the media:

Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2007
(Tokyo Type Directors Club - Japan)
Deadline: Interactive design category - October 10, 2006
Deadline: All other categories - October 20, 2006

No entry fees charged for international submissions

STEP inside design 100
(STEP inside design - USA)
Extended Deadline: October 16, 2006
Entry fees charged

Graphis Posters 2007
(Graphis, Inc. - USA)
Deadline: October 30, 2006
Entry fees charged

The Instore Graphic Design Awards
(Graphic Design: usa - USA)
Deadline: October 30, 2006
Entry fees charged

LOGO 2007
(David E. Carter - USA)
Deadline: October 31, 2006
Entry fees charged

A+C=D, PRINT’s International Art and Commerce Design Review
Deadline: November 1, 2006
Entry fees charged

designwire annual '06
(designwire - Australia)
Deadline: Initial submissions - November 3, 2006
No entry fees charged - but designwire forum membership required

D&AD Global Awards 2007
(D&AD - UK)
Earlybird Deadline: November 6, 2006
Entry fees charged

(Debut Publications - UK)
Extended Deadline: November 30, 2006
No entry fees

(Note: I should mention that while the request for submissions for the book "Branded" is a great opportunity for designers, I disagree with Debut Publications' concurrent "contest" for speculative cover design art. The situation is similar to the recent cover design "contest" which was canceled by the Creativity Awards - although, much to the credit of Debut Publications, the publisher does not seem to be assuming exclusive usage rights to all works submitted. Still, any request for a designer to execute "free" work for a for-profit entity just bugs the hell out of me. Designers should make their feelings about this issue known to the publisher.)

Restaurants Graphic Design
(Index Books - Spain)
Deadline: November 31, 2006
No entry fees

EXHIBITOR Exhibit Design Awards
(Exhibitor Magazine - USA)
Earlybird Deadline: December 1, 2006
Entry fees charged

I.D. Annual Design Review
(I.D. Magazine - USA)
December 1, 2006
Entry fees charged

Image Management and Reproduction
(Rotovision - UK)
Extended Deadline: November 30 2006
No entry fees

Instant Graphics
(Rotovision - UK)
Deadline: December 8, 2006
No entry fees

You may want to read my article about participating in design industry competitions: A Winning Strategy. It has appeared on the Creative Latitude and NO!SPEC web sites.

Good luck!

(Note: Thanks to NO!SPEC for mentioning this bLog-oMotives entry)

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