These are a few of my favorite things -

from the world of identity design.

Can't you almost hear Julie Andrew singing the classic Sound of Music favorite "These are a few of my favorite things?" As 2005 comes to an end we are bombarded by media lists of "favorites" and "bests" from newspapers, webzines, television shows and more. Why should "Logo Notions" be any different?

With Maria von Trapp bouncing around in my head I considered some of my favorites from the world of identity design. What is my favorite internationally recognized logo? What local business identity always grabs my attention and makes me say to myself "Damn, I wish that I had thought of that incredible concept!" What logo of my own is my favorite? And, if I had had the opportunity, what logo would I like to redesign in 2006 as a kind of graphic New Year's resolution?

In addition to answering the questions myself, I decided to pose them to a few other design professionals whose identity design efforts have attracted my attention as I have flipped through my library of design books, browsed online portfolios or seen their work in person. Designer Cheryl Roder-Quill of angryporcupine*design in Park City UT, Calvin Lee from Mayhem Studios in Los Angeles, and Gianluigi Tobanelli of Studio GT&P in Foligno, Italy, all agreed to provide their memories, thoughts and favorites for the latest Logo Notions column at Creative Latitude.

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jason holland said...

I agree with Roder-Quill about the logo for Verizon. Sometimes I just want to change cellphone carriers just because the logo makes me cringe (of course, I can think of hundreds of other reasons).... There is no creativity to their brand identity. In comparison to the logo for Cingular Wireless, its just outright dull and boring...Especially with a name like "Verizon".... Their name alone congers up visions of horizons and vistas.