Re-Design: American Telecom

When I was approached by this communications company, back in 1997, the identity in use had many negative attributes. The major issue was that the odd shape didn't work well in many applications. The flag, which was not well-executed, seemed to simply be slapped up next to the name and did not reproduce clearly in small sizes. The letterforms appeared to be inconsistent in shape and size, and the kerning was out of whack. The star above the "I" letterform was too close to the letter and the two became a blob in printing usage, especially in one-color newspaper ads. The identity was just not a cohesive unit.

The major goal of the new logo was to create a tight, clean symbol that would work well in any application. The client was adamant about maintain- ing a flag element, stars, the patriotic color scheme and a reference to their business classification. I was able to incorporate all the client's desires into a symbol that did not take the design elements as literally. The flag became more of an abstract image that also subliminally conveyed communication through implied sound waves imagery.

The logo received an American Corporate Identity award and also appears in the books New Logo: Two (Singapore) and The New Big Book of Logos.

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