Stone Soup and a Diva sighting

This past week I received an email from Jan Eliot, the cartoonist behind the nationally syndicated comic strip Stone Soup. Jan, whom I've written about in a previous bLog-oMotives entry, was excited to share the news that she was being featured on an episode of the television program Oregon Art Beat.

Oregon Art Beat - one of my favorite shows - is an Emmy award-winning series produced by the Oregon Public Broadcasting. The weekly programs feature the stories and work of Oregon individuals in a wide variety of the arts. I regularly TiVo the show, and over the years many artists and performers I know, or have met, have been featured.

The episode about Jan Eliot and Stone Soup may be viewed online. The show did a great job in showcasing her work, the process she goes through in creating a weekly comic strip, and her personality.

The "diva" I refer to in the title of this blog entry is certainly not Jan Eliot. In the Oregon Art Beat segment following the piece on Stone Soup, "Diva" unexpectedly popped up, full screen, on the television in the form of a logo I designed for the Diva Salon.

Blues musician Steve Cheseborough was the topic the incredibly interesting feature (also available for viewing online). Early in the piece Cheseborough explains how he does not use a pick to play the guitar. Later the Diva logo, and my friend and client Lisa Fritsch, appeared on the screen. Fritsch is Cheseborough's manicurist and she applies acrylic to his picking fingernails.

The complete Diva logo includes a tagline and a leopard pattern border - suggesting the faux leopard skin covered stylist chairs in the salon. The image appears in the Japanese books New Business Card Graphics 2 and New Logo World, David E. Carter's The New Big Book of Logos, Logo Design for Small Business 2 by Dan Antonelli, and the Spanish volume Logos from North to South America.

(I also worked with salon owner Fritsch on two other identity projects. I created a logo for a salon to be called Page Six - which never opened due to lease complications with a building owner. She did have much more success in opening a salon with the name Slick in a converted auto repair shop.)

I had a lot of fun calling Lisa Fritsch to tell her that she, and her logo, looked great on television.

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chezztone said...

Yeah, and she also does great nails (whether you need them for professional purposes or not) and is a fun and wonderful person to spend time with! I highly recommend Diva for anything you want done to your nails. Cheers, SC
Steve Cheseborough