Spring 2010: Does your garden grow?

It has been a less than ideal spring in the Pacific Northwest - especially if you are a gardener. Playing in the dirt of my garden is a favorite source of therapy and inspiration. With the recent cold, rain and cloudy days, the garden is not flourishing as in past years.

Our garden did get off to a good start this spring. While we were on vacation in St. Croix in March, a crew from Joy Creek Nursery spent two days cleaning things up, removing plants damaged by the winter storms of the past two years and pruning the pink dogwood behind our home. I did have a blank slate for moving some plants around and the addition of many new items.

While things are a bit behind the usual season - and much wetter - there has still been a lot of color in the garden. As plants have poked through the soil, come into bloom or been added to the beds, I have contibuted photos to my 2010 Flickr gallery of garden images.

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