A visual stroll through the year in my garden

Winter is here and another year in my garden has come to an end. Throughout 2010, gardening was my best and favorite therapy. When I needed a break from designing or writing, it was always great to simply step outside of my home studio and spend some time playing in the dirt.

This past week, it was a wonderful treat to have Joy Creek Nursery send a crew over to do a seasonal clean-up of our garden (above). After the visit by the gardeners, I was able to get the last 150 bulbs planted for spring. For the most part, the garden is prepared for a Portland winter - there's even a forecast of a possible dusting of snow this week. I'm a bit concerned that some older bulbs in my beds think winter has already passed, as they are already poking through the soil, compost and gravel.

Over the past 12 months, as plants have grown, come into bloom or been added to the beds, I have documented the activity with my camera. I invite you to take a visual stroll through a year in my garden by way of a Flickr gallery of my images.

Best wishes for a new year of happy gardening!

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boros1124 said...

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