A fun birthday package from my mother...

May 21 will be my 55th birthday - provided it is not actually the rapture, doomsday, or judgment day predicted by some. Although, we supposedly no longer exchange gifts in our family, simply because none of us need any more stuff, my mother does somehow find it necessary to send presents. I must admit the package that arrived this week was a very pleasant surprise.

Initially, when I opened the box, I found wooden coasters bearing the logo I created for the Oregon Department of Forestry when the agency's identity needed a makeover. The coasters were produced to celebrate the department's recent 100th anniversary. Celebratory banners have been temporarily added to my logo design. The box also contained two coffee cups noting the occasion.

The case study of the Oregon Department of Forestry logo appears in my book, Identity Crisis!: 50 redesigns that transformed stale identities into successful brands. I probably see the design more than any other I've created in my 33-year career. It is on display along highways throughout Oregon, often beautifully carved in wood, on signage designating state forest lands.

In addition, the box contained two mugs commemorating the Sisters Rodeo. According to my mother, although I designed the logo over a decade ago, the Sisters Rodeo Association recently produced the item and is offering it for sale in their gift shop. My partner Ed and I have decided the cups will be finding a home in our camping vehicle - the Get-Get-Get-Away van.

The identity was included when the Sisters Rodeo was inducted into the Library of Congress “Local Legacies" archive. The rodeo logo received an Award of Merit in the Central Oregon Drake Awards and a Silver in the Summit Creative Awards. It also is featured in The Big Book of Logos 3, LogoLounge - Volume 1 and Design for Special Events.

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Mike or Kim Buchheit said...

hi, jeff! oh, i haven't swung by your blog in awhile and was delighted to find that today, of all day's, is your birthday... happy birthday, mr. talented! you're such a generous spirit... wishing you a year of abundance and joy!