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As part of each update of my Logo Notions column on Creative Latitude I usually review a couple design books. The reviews are also posted on bookselling web sites around the world and occasionally on bLog-oMotives. I've started to get requests to write reviews for magazines and other sites. Last week I sent out an email to several publishers about the possibility of reviewing their design-related releases. One of the companies I contacted was Pepin Press (love their design resource books) in Amsterdam. They responded that they had a U.S. West Coast representative that I should touch base with directly - located in Portland. Their office is out in the burbs, quite some distance from my home. I got an email back with the intro "Howdy neighbor!" as the recepient recognized my zip code and realized that I was in NoPo (North Portland), the area where she also lives. A couple emails back and forth resulted in us confirming that she lives one street over - actually about eight or nine houses away - and walks her dog past "the house with the garden" (how neighbors describe our house). Last night she stopped by to drop off the catalogue from the publisher in Amsterdam - and one from Mark Batty, another design book publisher her firm represents.

She also put me in touch with powerHouse Books - another design book publisher. Their sales director contacted with some initial information about their September release HOOPLA, from the Miami-based ad shop Crispin Porter + Bogusky. More about that interesting volume in a future bLog-oMotives entry.

My neighbor said that next time she's bringing a bottle of wine over so we can spend some time visiting in my garden...

Graphic from Pepin Press release Signs & Symbols

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