Review: 1000 Bags, Tags & Labels:

Distinctive Designs for Every Industry

I'm usually not one to recommend design books that are just pretty compilations of hundreds of (or 1000) designs - especially when it comes to suggesting books to those interested in logo design. Page after page of logo examples does little to explain the "process" of creating a logo to a designer. However, with 1000 Bags, Tags & Labels: Distinctive Designs for Every Industry, by Kiki Eldridge, I am making an exception. It is a pretty book - filled with exceptional examples of logos and corporate identities in use. The presentation of those logo designs in use on labels, hangtags, shopping bags, bottling, promotional items, packaging and other items makes this volume a valuable resource to those designing identities. Yes, the images provide visual stimulation. More importantly, the book should inspire logo designers to think about how their designs may be implemented to best convey the consumer message desired by a client. Those viewing this Rockport Publishers book may encounter many "brain farts" in coming up with solutions to their own design challenges.

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