Dizzy no more

Thanks to all the people who have asked about my recovery from three plus years of dealing with vertigo issues. I've been getting asked about my improved health on forums, via email and even on the street. I hope that the information I have shared has been helpful to those seeking relief from their own vertigo issues, or of assistance to those seeking additional information for love ones, friends, neighbors and co-workers experiencing chronic vertigo or dizziness.

Tomorrow it will be five weeks since my last treatment at Dr. John Epley's clinic, and since then I've had no vertigo issues at all. I still have one weird thing happening ever since the treatment. Almost every day, I get a really bad headache between 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. The suspicion is that it is due to eye strain as my vision has to re-adjust to being in balance once again.

I can now get out of bed without feeling like I am immediately going to fall over. I am able to shampoo my hair without holding on to the wall and keeping my eyes open. I no longer get disoriented in shopping malls or stores. I can drive on the freeway without having a panic attack, and go over high bridges without being nauseous - however, I do get this weird feeling of anxiety in my chest waiting for what no longer happens to happen. When I stop the car at a stop sign/light, or to park, the vehicle doesn't feel as if it continuing to move forward. I can parallel park again. There is no longer any dizziness associated with my allergies, heat or movement. Elevators and escalators done bother me much at all now. I don't lose my balance in the dark - or feel as if I am spinning while laying in bed. In fact, my night blindness issues seem to have gone away. I recently drove at night - for the first time in about five years - and could see very clearly. I no longer feel as if I am trapped in my own house - because, in the past, I never knew what might happen in regards to the vertigo (or panic attacks) if I went out into the world.

I have more energy than I've had in years. I've also lost just over five pounds this past month - probably because I can get up and move around much more without fear of falling over.

In the past, traveling has been a bit of a challenge due to the vertigo - but I never let it stop me completely from one of my greatest pleasures. I suppose I am feeling a bit of anxiety today as we leave for Italy for two weeks. Hopefully the trip will be one great dizzy-free adventure.

I have my life back. I actually sat down one day and wrote a thank you note to my doctor for giving me life back through his treatments. I was so lucky to be a patient of one of the leading experts on vertigo - and to have him be here in Portland.

How my partner Ed put up with me the past three years, I do not know. I suppose it would be best if I didn't question it, and was just grateful that he did.

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Chad Behnke said...

Your tale of recovery was really amazing to read. I'm glad that this treatment worked out for you.

Congratulations on the new book as well!

morealyera said...

So glad to hear that things are working out so well for you, Jeff. You must feel like you've just been set free! Thanks for sharing your story, and I hope that you enjoy your holiday in Italy!