Nothing like a slap in the face
to wake up a design community in the morning

Yesterday the discussion on the Graphic Design forum was primarily about the poor ad placement on the Graphic Design home page. Mutiny was being discussed - and, to be honest, I don't know if I want to be supporting a site that obviously has little concern or respect for their professional graphic design community. It's unfortunate, especially as I have been an active member of the valuable discussion forum for nearly a decade. The rotating ads were popping up again on the site this morning:

Even odder, and on the same general topic, was the email I received a few weeks ago from a marketing representative of HP. She explained that following a visit to my website she was wondering if I would be interested in a link exchange with the recently acquired "logo design" division of the HP company.


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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

ZO. M. G.

The mind just boggles here.

WebChicky said...

So, I wonder... it was mentioned on the About forum thread that the owner of LW started the company because he was mad at the graphic design industry. (I'm guessing he had a bad experience - I can only imagine how entertaining a story THAT is.) Do you think they recommend starting a company because of an industry-specific vendetta in their "free business start up guide"?

Ridiculous, all of it.