Before and after logo designs: Part VII

Many of my identity design projects have been redesigns of existing logos. Over the years I have been contracted many times to update or makeover the logos of businesses and organizations. My "before & after" images of such projects get a great deal of attention in my marketing packets and through previous blog entries focusing on redesign efforts. I thought I would create a series of bLog-oMotives visual entries showcasing some of the examples - with links to previous posts offering project explanations and anecdotes - allowing bLog-oMotives readers to easily review some of the past featured designs.

Balaboosta • Portland,OR (More info to come)

Diane Tutch • Portland, OR (More info to come)

House of Light • Portland, OR (More info to come)

Samuels Yoelin • Portland, OR (Read more)

Private Parties • Portland,OR (More info to come)

Check out the complete collection of "before and after" logo design posts on bLog-oMotives.

(Note: My book, Identity Crisis!: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities Into Successful Brands, contains case studies from 35 designers and firms located around the world. Learn more about the book on the Identity Crisis! blog.)

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