"The Ultimate List of The Best Logo Design Resources" includes Jeff Fisher LogoMotives listings

Just Creative Design, the blog of designer Jacob Cass, has posted "The Ultimate List of The Best Logo Design Resources" - which includes a Just Creative interview with me (Logo Design Tips & A Not-So-Ordinary Interview with Logo Designer, Jeff Fisher), my own blog bLog-oMotives, and a listing of yours truly in the "Logo Designer" category. You'll also find Jeff Fisher LogoMotives mentions or listings at several of the other links provided.

In addition, my book, Identity Crisis: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities into Successful Brands, is included on the list.

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rasama said...

today i found two great blogs about graphic arts: LOGOMOTIVES & BLOGOMOTIVES. Both by YOU. I am happy to subscribe by RSS but wanted also to FOLLOW your blogs. It's a simple step: just add it as a gadget.

Congratulations on your awards and achievements being in the top 100 Home Start Up businesses. You are in inspiration to me. I am soon hoping to leap from the corporate ship into a boat of my own.