A look back at 2010:
The work of Jeff Fisher LogoMotives in books

In 2010 Jeff Fisher LogoMotives got a great deal of international exposure from examples of identity work, and other content, being published in design industry books. The efforts of designer and writer Jeff Fisher now appear in over 140 books. Here's a look back at the volumes published this past year and the design projects featured:

Basic Identity (Index Book, Spain, 2010)

2011 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market (Writers Digest Books, USA, 2010)

Type Rules: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography, Third Edition, by Ilene Strizver (Wiley, USA, 2010)

Font: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design, by Tamye Riggs (Paperback, Rotovision, UK, 2010)

Design DNA: Logos: 500+ International Logos Deconstructed, by Matthew Healey (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2010)

LogoLounge, Volume 4, by Bill Gardner and Catharine Fishel (Paper Mini, Rockport, USA, 2010)

LogoLounge: Master Library, Volume 2: 3000 Animal and Mythology Logos, by Bill Gardner and Catharine Fishel (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2010)

The Best of Letterhead and Logo Design (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2010)

Perfect Match Art Primary 5, by Prisca Ko Hak Moi (Pearson Education South Asia and Ministry of Education Singapore, Singapore, 2010)

Logoliscious, by Peleg Top (HarperCollins, USA, 2010)

Designing for the Greater Good: The Best in Cause-Related Marketing and Nonprofit Design, by Peleg Top and Jonathan Cleveland (HarperCollins, USA, 2010)

Design Matters: Portfolios 01: An Essential Primer for Today's Competitive Market, by Maura Keller (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2010)

For A Good Cause: Solidarity Design, by Cactus Disseny (Index Book, Spain, 2010)

Basic Logos (Index Book, Spain, 2010)

American Advertising & Design 25, by Suzanna MW Stephens (Collins Design, USA 2010)

LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 1: 3,000 Initials & Crest Logos, by Bill Gardner and Catharine Fishel (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2010)

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