5oup.com serves up a cup of fresh student talent

5oup.com is providing an online presence for a "creamy mix of fresh talent" to be seen by those seeking young creative individuals worldwide. 5oup is open to all fields of visual creativity and is attracting examples of incredible student work from around the world

New student talent is added to the fresh page each day, and at the end of the week the best of seven are chosen to grace the "featured" slot for the duration of the following week.

Design students James Chambers and Tom Judd set up 5oup at the beginning of 2006 as a portal for like minded student artists to get their work seen. The site went live in February of this year and is an excellent showcase for the work of many talented students.

I appreciate the fact that founder Chambers sent me an email stating that 5oup is a supporter of the NO!SPEC campaign and a link has been added on the site. Show your support of 5oup.com by visiting the site and those of their sponsors.

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Spencer said...

cool link, ill definitely be passing this along to some folks at my school.