R.I.P. Commpiled.com

Sadly, the web site Commpiled.com - The Marketing Communications Network - notes today that "The Commpiled Network has been closed and is now for sale." For many the site was a great source of information and inspiration. Articles about various aspects of advertising, marketing, promotion, design and creativity were staples of the web presence. Over a dozen of my own articles appeared on the site since 2004. Thanks to Howard Theriot, and others who were involved, for all of their efforts on the site. It will be missed.

I've already received a few requests for links to my articles that appeared on Commpiled.com. If possible, the pieces are linked below. Some of the articles have also been blog-oMotives entries, published in How Magazine, or posted on CreativeLatitude.com, Graphics.com, and the former StickyIdeas.com. I will get others posted as soon as possible.

The proper care and feeding of the in-house designer (January 2006)

These are a few of my favorite things - from the world of identity design (December 2005)

Designs on your own neighborhood (November 2005)

Designs on dining: Restaurant logos as a graphic invitation to a meal and an experience (September 2005)

Tooting your own horn: How designers can get the word out (September 2005)

Profiting for pro bono creative efforts (August 2005)

How much should I charge? (July 2005)

Designing identities for faceless clients by way of the Internet (June 2005)

A winning strategy: Industry awards as a design tool (May 2005)

Preaching what you practice: Speaking in graphic tongues to the masses (February 2005)

Don't shoot the client (January 2005)

When a "contest" is not a contest (November 2004)

I hope this helps those looking for the articles.

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Calvin Lee said...

It's sad, how Commpiled is no more. It was a great resource.

Thanks for posting your articles on your blog. I always look forward to your great words of wisdom.