Taking another look at a high profile "logo mill"

A tip of the engineer's cap to designer Robert Wurth and his Fresh Squeezed Droplets blog entry The LogoWorks Straw Man. As he mentions, about a year ago it was discovered that a number of the logos appearing on their site were actually plagiarized designs from other non-LogoWorks designers (including the the most amazing example to me - the Xerox digitized "X" - as in "I'd like to buy the most recognizeable 'X' in the world, please...") At the time the revelations started a flurry of activity within the design community.

Wurth responds to the company recently addressing the "myths" about their business and gets a personal response in return. I really appreciate Wurth's efforts in responsibly addressing this topic. It does make for very interesting reading.

NOTE: Check out Wurth's followup entry: Don't touch that logo!!

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Christian with a Whip said...

Hey there Mr. Motive, I hate to say it, but alas, I was the victim of Logo-works - not that i would dare think about using them!

I had a referral from a printer, and sure as snot, they had a logo that was from Logo-works. The file was a complete mess - all process when it was supposed to be 2 color (although the client didn't know that from PMS 540 to Black meant it was then 3 colors.)

Regardless - on top of the file being totally a rickshaw job that I had to continuously play hide-n-seek with spare objects that had no reason to be there etc. -the client was, how shall I say, uh - had a tiny budget. The amount of work to make a stinkin' postcard turned out to be a huge time waster.