You've got to love a blog called FontLover

OK, I'll admit it; I'm kind of a "font geek." I'm often called by that name and will automatically respond to it. However, I'd much prefer to be called a "font lover" - and I recently came across in its revised blog form. I hadn't been to the URL in some time. In cleaning out my "favorites" I thought I'd check out the link. I think I've rediscovered font heaven. Recent font news, new releases, reviews of typography books and products, and links galore to great foundries have been collected in one great online design resource.

According to the the "about" page on the site:

" began in November of 2000 as a brainstorm. That was when all the email-update services suddenly became pay services and sending out constant updates annoyed people so the idea was born that there should be a place to get updates at a website that you could visit daily and as a bonus not have your email box filled up. There was this new thing called blogging and I thought…. that’s it!"

Well, they did it right. I think I've rediscovered one of the most productive online time-wasters I've come across in a long time. This "font lover" looks forward to visiting the resource on a regular basis.

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Dani Nordin said...

yay!!! Myself and a friend are both certified typophiles (him to an almost obscene extent)—I'll be sure to pass this site along.