Winners of the European Logo Design Annual

(Eulda) 2006 showcased online and in future book

Eulda, (the European Logo Design Annual) a new high-profile graphic design award competition to recognize the finest logos designed in Europe, has announced its winning selections for 2006.

The “Best of Europe” selection is the identity for Grutas e Centro do Vulcanismo (shown at left), a volcano information center near Portugal's São Vicente Caves. The image was created by designer João Pacheco of Shift Design. A detailed explanation of that design, and the “Best of Nation” selected identities, may be found on the organization's site. All the winning logos for 2006 will be published in a hard-bound volume to be released later this year. Copies of the book may be reserved through the Eulda web site.

In the inaugural Eulda event, 378 logos selected were selected from the nearly 1,000 entries representing 36 different countries. The competition was judged by an international three-tier jury consisting of 10 top design professionals, 10 marketing managers from major international clients and 10 members of the consumer public. This judging method reflects the actual process that turns any logo idea into a successful logo: the designers decide what to present to the clients, the clients decide what to present to the public, and in the end the public will determne if they like the logo and will embrace the new image of the service, organization or product.

Some of the winning logos are fun, refreshing and incredibly clever. In reviewing the displayed winning selections, I suppose the biggest surprise for me was seeing examples conveying a bit of the swoosh-o-locity of the past decade. I am curious, due to the multiple colors, gradients and overlays of some of the selected logos, if those making submissions were required to exhibit how their creations might translate to possible one-color applications a client might want or require. I look forward to seeing the complete collection of selected identities when the Eulda book is released later this fall.

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