Startup Nation podcast features LogoMotives

Yesterday, after returning from an extended Thanksgiving weekend, my several hundred emails included Startup Nation's weekly newsletter with the subject "8 Steps to Blogging Success." I clinked on the link to the resource site for entrepreneurs and small business owners, read the informative article by writer Lynne Meredith Schreiber and posted a comment about making use of blog directories as an additional resource. In a very short period of time I received a private message from Joel Welsh, the Chief Community Officer of Startup Nation, asking if he could interview me for the Community Podcast series.

The result of the very enjoyable, somewhat "real world," interaction is the podcast "Marketing Through Blogs and Forums." Joel and I covered my use of bLog-oMotives as a promotional tool to inform potential clients about my work and draw visitors to my website. We also discussed how completed online forum/community profiles, actual forum posts and well-managed forum signatures can be part of a successful business marketing plan.

Of course, along the way I got in plugs about my first book, The Savvy Designer's Guide to Success and my upcoming volume, Identity Crisis! I also got another opportunity to "blame" Kevin Carroll and Karen Larson for my 2004 HOW Conference appearance in my underwear, and got in a mention of one of my favorite blogs - Designers Who Blog.

I do hope you'll take the opportunity to give the podcast a listen. You may also want to take a good look at the other valuable resources available at Startup Nation.

Note: Chief Community Officer Joel Welsh comments further on the conversation we had yesterday, and the benefits of cross-marketing, in a follow-up podcast today.

Update: In doing an online search, I just discovered that my podcast with Joel has been mentioned as a "WILDhair" at Designers Who Blog

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Kristen King said...

Thanks for the link to this article, Jeff! It's a good one.

Calvin Lee said...

Congrats Jeff. Great interview. I got thrown off by your voice. I expected you to sound different some how. :-)