Fisher's VanderVeer Center ad design

featured in The Big Book of Layouts

A full-page magazine ad for the VanderVeer Center, a Portland- area provider of anti-aging medicine and cosmetic procedures, is featured in the upcoming book The Big Book of Layouts. The ad design, by Jeff Fisher of Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, is one element of the total rebranding of Dr. Elizabeth VanderVeer's medical facility. In this volume, prolific graphic design author David E. Carter highlights layout design efforts from graphic designers around the world.

Following Fisher's design of the VanderVeer Center identity, the immediate need in the branding of company was the creation of four-color print ads. The ad, featuring one of Dr. VanderVeer's own paintings, introduced the new logo, the tagline "The Art & Science of Image Enhancement," a new color palette and the photos of Loma Smith. The advertisement initially appeared in Affluent Living, Portland Monthly and regional editions of Better Homes & Gardens. Versions of the ad, including black and white adaptations, also appeared in area newspapers. The design concept was then used in the creation of all collateral for the VanderVeer Center and on the firm's website. The stationery package designed for the firm will appear in the upcoming volume The Big Book of Letterheads. The rebranding effort will also be featured in Fisher's book, Identity Crisis!, when it is released by HOW Design Books in 2007.

Since 1998, hundreds of examples of the design work of Jeff Fisher LogoMotives have appeared in over 20 books from David E. Carter, including the American Corporate Identity series, the Big Book of Logos collection and Global Corporate Identity. Fisher design efforts are also featured in the volumes Bullet-Proof Logos, Blue is Hot, Red is Cool, The Big Book of Designs for Letterheads and Websites, The Big Book of New Design Ideas, Logos Redesigned, and The Big Book of Business Cards.

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