Having the same name can lead to

major differences in the blog-o-sphere...

With holiday gatherings, a nasty cold my partner and I seem to be sharing back and forth, previously scheduled home remodeling projects, and other commitments, I've been a bit lax about bLog-oMotives posts the past week. I've also been working behind the scenes dealing a bit with another "Jeff Fisher" from the cyber world.

Initially he started with multiple phone messages on my business voice mail stating how upset he was about my search engine rankings being higher than his - because we happen to share the same given name. The individual then began leaving messages that I must post specific Internet links on my blog to bring attention to the political and government issues he deemed important.

Several people in the design industry emailed me about some unusual online references to "Jeff Fisher," Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, bLog-oMotives, blogomotives, Creative Latitude, my "tips, trips, observations, clickety-clacks, & an occasional "toot!" along the tracks" tagline, and other references to my work or my blog. Sure, enough - the individual in question was creating new Blogger pages making use of such terms in the blog URLs and content, in an attempt to bring greater search engine attention to his personal political diatribes. Don't be surprised if you come across some odd findings in association to the terms on the Internet. No, I have not gone completely off my rocker - yet! Just thought I'd warn you what's out there.

Earlier this week the guy began posting multiple comments to various bLog-oMotives entries - totally unrelated to the topics I cover in my writings. After removing more than two dozen of his unnecessary messages and rants, I had to make the decision to monitor all future comments. I hope bLog-oMotives readers will continue to give me feedback on various topics when they wish. I apologize that it will be necessary for me to authorize the postings of comments now. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Note: One quick reminder to those in search of new fonts - the P22 Type Foundry sale on boxed fonts ends December 31, 2006.

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Calvin Lee said...

Boy! The nerve of some people. They have nothing else better to do. Besides, both of you guys are not even in the same profession.

Kristen King, Inkthinker said...

My goodness! Sometimes I wonder if people realize how their actions are coming across to the rest of the world. I bet they'd change some things if they did!


Jessie Jane said...

My own version of this stems from my nickname Jessie Jane (a moniker given to me when I started DJing honky tonk years ago, that just stuck). Happens to also be the name of a famous porn star—you should see the referring links from my stats counter!

Luckily, I haven't had the problems you've encountered (other than a few surprised porn fans who stumble across my blog on sustainability instead of...well, you know).

Monitering comments is the way to go, for sure. Hopefully it won't require much more damage control than that.


Chris Brown said...

I've suffered some of the same problems. Another Chris Brown, who is also in marketing, wrote an article called the Niche of Doom, which has a very ominious sounding title. Because of a problem with the article bank, it was attributed to me instead of him. Untangling the web of messed up links can be a real problem.

Chris Brown (not the rap singer!)

morealyera said...

holy cow, what an ordeal.

You know, it has been my experience that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar; asking politely is received *far* better than demanding.

It doesn't make any sense that someone else should benefit from all of your hard work just because you share the same name. What a world.