PRINT offers 10-year design retrospective on DVD

Now you can have immediate access to ten years' worth of PRINT Regional Design Annual winners, online and on DVD. All of the 16,000+ winners—hand-picked by PRINT editors—are organized into easily searchable categories, including Identity/Stationery, Self-Promotion, Posters, Packaging, Ads, Editorial Design, Environmental Graphics, Photography, Illustration, Invitations/Announcements, Annual Reports and Outdoor Ads.

This design resource is currently available online for $49.95 (plus $3.99 shipping & handling) — a savings of 33% off the suggested retail price. The purchase includes a DVD as well as a full year (12 months) of access to the Regional Design Annual website, both of which allow you to search and view the past ten year's Regional Design Annual winners.

Quite a few of my own designs were recognized by PRINT over the years, including logos for food bank Esther's Pantry, the "Fat Men in Skirts," hairstylist Jeff Maul, theatre venue Main Street Playhouse and the Samuels Yoelin law firm. The identities for writer Kimberly Webster, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, and Black Dog Furniture Design have also been featured in the annual. A few of the designs also appeared in the resulting late, great PRINT's Best Logo & Symbols series of books.

Hmmm...I just realized, for the first time, that all but one of the images selected for inclusion over the years has been a one-color design.

A few years ago, when I noticed the annual was exhibiting less and less of a focus on logo design, I quit submitting entries for consideration. I do think it is unfortunate that identity design has been given less exposure in recent editions.

Those wishing to submit designs for the upcoming PRINT Regional Design Annual need to do so by March 1, 2007. Entry forms and details are available on the PRINT website.

© 2006 Jeff Fisher LogoMotives


Anonymous said...

Jeff, I purchase this DVD awhile ago and have had it now for a few weeks. I finally opened the package this week to take a peek. Immediately my monitor went black and my computer was trying to shut down and reboot. After ejecting the DVD, I received an error message. Gave it another try and same instances occurred. Sent an email to printmag to share the situation. No word back yet. Not a good sign.

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said...

Thanks for the input. Hopefully my blog entry - and your comment - will draw a bit more attention from PRINT's customer service department.