In memoriam: Walt Nixon

This weekend my partner Ed and I learned of the death of our good friend Walt Nixon. We first met Walt, his wife Sharon and their teenage son Walter, when we all were living in the same Pearl District loft building in the early 90's. The loft building, commonly referred to as "the dorm for adults," provided the residents an incredible living experience, and valuable friendships that continued after the building went condo and all moved on to other homes - in Portland and throughout the U.S.

While living in the building, the community of friends supported the Nixon family through the cancer illness, and eventual death, of Walter. In 2005, everyone again came together to offer support to Sharon and Walt as Sharon battled breast cancer. The day after their 30th wedding anniversary Sharon lost her battle with the disease. The close knit group of friends rallied around Walt in his time of renewed grief. Today we are offering each other solace in dealing with Walt's own death.

Walt was a brilliant and talented man. He was an accomplished web designer/developer and an amazing amateur photographer. His photos can be viewed on his personal site: The Photography of Walt Nixon (Update 06.22.09: Unfortunately Walt's personal photography site was not maintained and I have not come across an archive of all of his incredible photos. However, I have found some images posted on his Flickr page). In addition, Walt was a wonderful friend and will be missed greatly by all who knew him.

In accordance to the wishes of Sharon and Walt, their ashes were combined with those of their son and scattered in a beautiful and beloved location overlooking their adopted home of Portland.

Photo: Sharon & Walt Nixon at our wedding ceremony in 2004

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Dustin said...

We will all miss Walt - Child at heart, good person....It was what made him a great, person, designer, friend, co-worker, and photographer - he always saw things as if it was his first time.

I will always remember you! You changed my life - you open my eyes to design aspect I never looked at.

Muckraker said...

I am so sorry for your loss and I hope peace finds you, your friends, as well as Walt, Sharon, and their family. Godspeed.

Karen said...

Although many miles kept us apart, our bond could never be broken. Each day your sensitivity and loneliness bring tears, but your dry sense of humor still makes me giggle. We were supposed to grow old together, but I know you are at peace with your precious Walter beloved Sharon, and our sweet Mother. When I lost you, I lost a part of myself; you are forever in my heart.
--Your loving sister

Anonymous said...

It was through this site Tonight that I learned of the Death of both Sharon and Walter. Walter Tried Contacting me upon returning from the East Coast back to the Portland Area, but we kept missing each other. All Three, Walter, Sharon & Walt Influenced me in life and I will always carry that with me.
Your Memory will always be with me.
Your Friend,

Dan Keicher said...

Thank You for sharing, I worked with Walt for several years. We fell out of contact with each other even though I tried to find him again over the years. I spent many hours visiting with Walt, Sharon and Walter. Walt and Sharon were there for me when I needed to be uplifted. You two taught me about love and compassion, I will forever be in debt to you. I am devastated to learn of their passing. Feel a tremendous amount of guilt, that I wasn't there for you and feel things were left unsaid. Rest in Peace all three of you, No more pain, No More sadness and I hope someday I may see all three of you again.

Dan Keicher