Re-Design: Tilikum Center for

Retreats & Outdoor Ministries

Over the years I've executed several logo design projects for various programs of George Fox University. The most recent was for the Tilikum Center for Retreats & Outdoor Ministries, located in the backwoods of Oregon's Yamhill County. The facility offers retreats for all age ranges, including summer camps for kids and elderhostels.

While the client, and those making use of the retreat, didn't necessarily have an aversion to the old logo, it was felt that the identity was beginning to appear a bit dated. In addition, "official" colors had never been selected for the design and it was often presented in black only.

The free-form natural of the original logo tended to cause layout problems in some uses. That was eliminated by enclosing the image within a rustic, square frame.

The canoe, tree and forest images of the old logo were retained an incorporated into the new format. The font PanAm was selected to give the name a more traditional appearance. Rich blues and greens were chosen as colors for the identity - reflecting the natural colors found at the Tilikum retreat.

The logo has been selected to appear in the upcoming books The Big Book of Logos 5 and Branded.

© 2007 Jeff Fisher LogoMotives.


morealyera said...

Very nice, I love it!

Congratulations on your selection for both publications!

Desiree Joy said...

This logo design definitely appeals to me, the imagery is perfect.