Theatre Logos Agency gives designer

theatrical images a new high-profile life

Throughout my career, the logo designs I have been asked to create for live theatre presentations have been my favorite creative exercises. From designing for my high school's theatre performances (over 30 years ago), through an on-going 17-year relationship with playwright, director and producer Don Horn and his triangle productions! theatre company, the opportunity to put a graphic face on plays and musicals has never failed to get my creative juices flowing. I previously wrote about topic in my Logo Notions article The logo’s the thing – identity design takes the stage, on the Creative Latitude website.

One of the unique aspects of creating identities for live theatre is that the logos often have a lifespan as short as the run of the show - usually a few weeks or, at the most, a few months. Luckily, from being recognized with design industry honors or being published in various graphic design books, many of my theatre graphic images have experienced some longevity.

The Theatre Logos Agency is giving new life to the work many designers have created for live theatre, through the sublicensing of the designs to other theatre companies.

Just over a week ago, I was contacted by Michael Q. Fellmeth, the founder of Theatre Logos Agency (TLA), after he read the Logo Notions article mentioned above. Fellmeth expressed interest in taking on Jeff Fisher LogoMotives as a client for the sublicensing of some of the theatre logos I have produced over time. After doing some reseach, getting the blessing of my client, and reviewing the agreement sent to me by TLA, I have opted to enter into a business relationship with TLA.

Theatre Logos Agency was founded in 2006. This past month the company "officially" opened with their web presence going live, and it's a valuable resource for designers interested in participating in the effort - in addition to being a great destination for the theatre production company seeking high quality designs to promote productions. In defining TLA, the following is posted on the website:

"Theatre Logos Agency (TLA) was established to service the growing demand from producing organizations for high-quality artwork. Prior to the formation of TLA, no central clearinghouse existed for the rights to use original artwork from Broadway, Off-Broadway, West End, and regional productions. TLA is pleased to bring together our clients' artwork with producing organizations that can utilize it in the promotion of their productions. TLA associates, made up of experienced theatrical-licensing professionals, are ready to service both the needs of our clients and producing organizations."

TLA has selected a number of my designs to include in the offerings to theatre production companies. Some of my favorite images (above) are among those to be presented for licensing. The theatrical logos have served my client, and myself, well in the past.

A few of the chosen logos have been recognized with awards from the PRINT Regional Design Annual, American Graphic Design Awards and Summit Creative Awards. The theatre logos have also been featured in the books New Logo & Trademark Design (Japan), The New Big Book of Logos, The Big Book of Logos 3, and The Big Book of Logos 4. Letterhead and Logo Design 7, Graphically Speaking, LogoLounge - Volume 1, Logo & Trademark Collection (Japan), and New Logo: Two (Singapore) have also showcased some of the designs.

It will be fascinating to see if the images are given even greater exposure through the efforts of TLA. I encourage other designers, who have created logos and other promotional materials for live theatre productions, to take a look at what the Theatre Logos Agency has to offer.

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