Re-Design: TraveLady Media

Pacific Northwest television personality Cheryl Hansen is known as the “TraveLady” due to her reports and video segments on the travel industry. For many years she used an illustration of a woman carrying luggage as a personal identity (below left).

With plans to move into television and video production, focusing on travel options and opportunities for women, she wanted to update the old illustration with a transformation into a strong logo for branding purposes. The illustration was converted into a silhouette and one of the bags evolved into a graphic representation of a television (above right). Sophistication was added to the design through the use of a specific font for “TraveLady.” Movement was suggested with the human form overlapping the name and the gradation of the “Media” banner. The actual word incorporated into the banner may change with specific needs or usage.

The design was honored with a 2003 American Graphic Design Award, and is featured in the book Logo Design for Small Business 2.

© 2007 Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

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