Début Publications dumps 'Branded'

Over the Labor Day holiday weekend I received an email from the folks at Début Publications Ltd announcing that the logo design book Branded will not be published. The email stated:

"Although the content supplied was of the highest quality, Début regrets to announce the cancellation of the scheduled publication 'Branded'.

Due to the unforseen surge of other logo-based publications and websites, alongside the established products, the viability of 'Branded' as a commercial product became questionable, and after careful consideration it was felt that the title would have become lost in the market place.

We would like to thank the many designers and agencies that submitted artwork for inclusion. Please accept our sincere apologies for the time taken to submit artwork.

I do think it is unfortunate the book will not see the light of day, and not just because I was a contributor whose work had been accepted. Début created a rather unique opportunity to include the work of a wide variety of designers from a large number of countries around the world. I do hope this situation doesn't discourage designers, and design students, from submitting work for future book opportunities - especially others charging no entry or publication fees. The vast majority of such calls for entries do result in books that make it to the bookstore shelves, providing incredible global marketing to a designer.

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Stephen Tiano said...

It's already begun to seem to me as if the publishing world is just not spinning the way it was. It's slowed down. And, despite the wording you got from Début Publicstions, I can't help feeling that it's a further example of this slowdown. To go along with all the "we want to work with you" emails I've gotten recently, that ended, "but we're not doing anythig new just yet."

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