Re-Design: Balloons on Broadway

The original logo for the balloon delivery service (below left), and gift/card retailer, Balloons on Broadway had served the company well, but did not convey much about the business itself. As more customers began to refer to the company by its initials, B.O.B., the owners decided to have a new identity created.

The new logo (above middle), with the inclusion of a balloon graphic, projected much more of the fun and energy of the business - and the individuals running the company. The colors for the firm remained black and white.

With a later move to a new location, and introducing the business to the Internet, I was contracted to create yet another update of the company image was in order (above right). An unrelated local business had started using a “BOB” advertising campaign so Balloons on Broadway opted to move away from that reference while maintaining much of the previous logo’s appearance. Color was added, which could also translate well to a web presence and neon signage. The colors could be manipulated to signify various holiday promotions. Animation was also introduced to the image. The logo is still often presented in black and white, tying into the previous branding of the business.

The logo currently represents the balloon delivery and event planning business only. The retail operation has been renamed to better represent the products sold.

The Balloons on Broadway logo received a Bronze in the Summit Creative Awards. The identity is featured in The Big Book of Logos 3, New Logo World (Japan), Logo Design for Small Business 2, Logos from North to South America (Spain) and Logos Redesigned.

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