Clickety-clacks along LogoMotives' cyber tracks

Several online postings have been sending traffic to bLog-oMotives throughout the day. The first was an entry on the Creative Freelancer Conference blog from my friend Ilise Benun.

Benun, one of the co-founders of conference sponsor Marketing Mentor, wrote about the fact that the site DesignHide recently posted an interview with me - the closing speaker for the Creative Freelancer Conference.

The conference will be held in Chicago, August 27-29. The deadline for a $60 "early bird" registration has just been extended until July 31.

Yesterday the Spanish publishing house Index Book announced the European release of their latest design volume, A Tribute to Celebrities, by Pedro Guitton. According to the webpage for the book:

Almost 1,000 graphic tributes to celebrities from a variety of fields such as cinema, arts, television, music, sports, cartoon and other famous personalities.

Get plugged into some 500 graphic designers and agencies from all over the world, each with their own unique style: Akihiro Sai, Cocobongo Artworks, Jeff Fisher, Gianni Rossi, Guilherme Marconi, Hausgrafik, Musa Collective, Nick/Leyp, Noma Bar, Quickhoney, Serial Cut, eBoy, Tracy Sabin and more.

From the search results bringing people to my blogs, more than a few people were wondering who that "Jeff Fisher" guy was. Many examples of my work is showcased in other books by Guitton. One design is included in the new volume - but more about that when the book is released in the U.S.

The site of the free eBook download Winners and Losers in a Troubled Economy was also sending visitors to bLog-oMotives. The London digital agency cScape, publisher of the ebook, listed my recent blog entry "Why my design business is at its best when the national economy is at its worst" on the "Useful Links" page of the book promotion website.

Not a bad day for the marketing and promotions department at Jeff Fisher LogoMotives (that would be me).

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