'Just Out' in my beautiful North Portland garden

Recently, by way of my Facebook profile, LeAnn Locher kind of invited herself over to my home to take a look at my garden. It's not like I didn't know her - we met briefly several years ago when I was asked to design the logo for the Portsmouth Neighborhood Association and she was present at the selection process meetings. I was looking forward to visiting with her and arranged a date for espresso drinks in my garden.

LeAnn was coming to visit in her capacity as the "Sassy Gardener" columnist for Just Out, the statewide newsmagazine for Oregon's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities. Today the article resulting from our afternoon of garden therapy, and glasses of white Italian wine (coffee or wine ended up being the options), was published in the print edition. You will also find "Humor in the Garden" online

The fun LeAnn and I had while discussing my garden on a beautiful sunny afternoon comes through clearly in the piece. The recent addition of my home-made hose guides is mentioned, as are the copper trellises I designed and constructed. My unintentional plastic squirrel collection even gets some press. The article does a great job of conveying my passion for gardening, and how it has become yet another personal creative outlet.

One of the additional benefits of the afternoon was the opportunity to learn more about LeAnn. We have quite a bit in common. She and I are both almost rabid supporters of our North Portland neighborhoods - and she often writes about her home's location, garden and a wide variety of other local topics in her popular blog Lelo in Nopo. In addition to a commonality as writers and gardeners, we are both graphic designers and branding specialists. Her business website exhibits some well-designed logo creations. I'm already looking forward to a future visit to LeAnn's garden to discuss plants, design and the neighborhood.

The publication Just Out and I are not strangers. Over the years I've designed several projects for the paper, including the Just Out identity. Recently I altered that logo a bit to reflect the newsmagazine's 25th anniversary. Back in 2000, Marc Acito wrote an article about my design business for Just Out. In December of this past year the publication also featured my "better half," Ed Cunningham, in an article about the law firm where he is employed. I really appreciate today's article focusing on my gardening.

Update: While I was on vacation LeAnn posted a personal entry and additional photos of our garden on her blog.

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I always like to collect info about maintaining my garden and your posts regarding it are fantastic always.

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M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

Was just out to north Portland last week, and noticed a lot of nice plants. There are many nice gardens there in your area.

I'm hoping to get out there this week to take photos of various deciduous trees, as I repeat a tree course at the local college again for CEUs.


M. D. Vaden
Portland / Beaverton Arborist