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Colleen Wainwright (aka "the communicatrix") has blogged about Jeff Fisher LogoMotives on occasion. She's included mentions of my business in various locales in the unreal world of the Internet. We've kind of developed a "mutual admiration society" - without ever meeting in person.

Meeting such online friends is the theme of the video she has posted online in her quest to become Southwest Airline's Blog-O-Spondent. If she gets the gig, Southwest will help her in her quest to meet some of the "imaginary friends" she has around the country. Check out the "old broad's" video and give her a vote with the "UP" thingy so she has a shot at getting a somewhat "real" job. (What's with people giving her fun video submission "down" votes?) I love the BF's ukulele soundtrack for the clip.

If she does win the job, she won't need to hop on a plane to Portland for the two of us to meet. I'll be jetting to Chicago tomorrow to speak at the Creative Freelancer Conference and she will be at the event. I'm looking forward to one of my "imaginary friends" becoming very real.

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the communicatrix said...

Thanks, Jeff! Looking forward to you becoming un-imaginary as well!