Yippee! I got my "Monsters" button...

One of the the fun things about annual HOW Design Conference is getting to meet, and hang out with, other HOW Books authors at the speaker reception and the yearly HOW authors dinner. This past May, my editor Amy Schell and book designer Grace Ring hosted the author event at Finale in Boston - where a diner's main course is dessert.

(Warning: This is a total "name dropper" alert. If you don't want names dropped on you please skip the next two paragraphs.)

My end of the table was occupied by my friends Ilise Benun and Peleg Top, the authors of The Designer's Guide To Marketing And Pricing: How To Win Clients And What To Charge Them. Across from me sat Chris Sickels of The Look Book; Stefan G. Bucher, the creator of 100 Days Of Monsters; and Crumble, Crackle, Burn: 60 Stunning Textures for Design & Illustration author Von Glitschka.

A ways down the table were Jim Krause of Index book fame; Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication author Maggie Macnab; Debbie Millman who wrote the recently released The Essential Principles Of Graphic Design, and PRINT Magazine Editor-in-Chief Joyce Rutter Kaye. Of course, I was there as the author of Identity Crisis: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities into Successful Brands. It was an incredible evening.

("Name dropper" alert is over.)

I mention the HOW Books author dinner because, at the event, I had a great time meeting and visiting with Stefan G. Bucher. A few weeks later when I saw his profile on Facebook I certainly felt it was appropriate to connect with him as a "friend." He recently added to his Facebook profile with a The Daily Monsters Page. Earlier this week I had a Facebook message from Stefan informing me that the first 20 fans of the new Page would received a "Monsters" button. Well, I certainly wanted a button of my own.

I think the button (shown above in a photo I blatantly swiped from Stefan's The Daily Monster blog.) is a great piece of self-promotion. The unusual amount of text on the button reads:

Hi! How are you? I understand there are limits to the amount of copy you can put on one of these buttons and still expect it to be effective in a setting such as Comic-Con 2008, so I'll be brief: I have a website called dailymonster.com and a book that goes with it: 100 DAYS OF MONSTERS. If you have a minute, I hope you'll check it out at booth #1415. And if you were to tell a friend about the Monsters...well, that would be awfully nice of you! Thanks you for your time! Have a great day!

Brilliant! Wow, I've really rambled on and on here, haven't I? Well, the entire purpose of this bLog-oMotives entry was to say:

Yippee! I got my "Monsters" button!

Thanks Stefan!

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Stefan G. Bucher said...

Goodness, Jeff. I need to send you buttons more often. Thank you for the lovely shout-out. I really appreciate it. Pleasure sharing a meal with you in Boston, too.

Ilise Benun said...

I wish I had buttons to send you, Jeff, but thanks for dropping my name too. You described the dinner in such a way that it made me wish I was there -- and I was. But I was so busy tasting everyone's desserts I didn't do nearly enough networking (shame on me!)

See you at the http://www.creativefreelancerconference.com