ADBASE mentions LogoMotives in marketing article

Back in August, when I spoke at the Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago, Jenny Millar - the Communications Manager for conference sponsor ADBASE - caught my presentation. She must have liked what she heard in my talk, "Reaping the Rewards of Creative Independence," as a suggestion of mine ended up in the ADBASE Insight article "Making Time to Market," written by Linda Whitehead.

I've always been a major proponent of creatives marketing and promoting themselves ALL the time to keep a steady flow of new work coming in the door. That means marketing oneself even when at the busiest. The article mentioned my tactic of having my office "closed" each Friday, allowing myself time for my assigned half-day task of marketing my design and writing efforts. I have no client contact that one day a week and get so much done without answering the phone, meeting with clients, or responding to vendor and client emails.

Additional advice in the article is provided by my friend Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor, FluidVision's Jennifer Kilberg from , Katherine Hennessy of kate & company,and Carolyn Potts and Associates principal Carolyn Potts.

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