Choo! Choo! Taking a promo idea to the test tracks

For some time I've been "toying" around with the self-promotion idea of sending out little wooden locomotives kits to clients, potential clients, vendors, industry peers and others to market my design business Jeff Fisher LogoMotives. With the ongoing use of train imagery, and related phrases, in all my promotion efforts the train kit seemed like a great way to get my message across. For the purpose of the promotion that message is:

"Jeff Fisher Logomotives assists businesses and organizations in putting all the pieces together to build strong identities and get their brands on the right track."

Not too long ago I had a great opportunity to "test drive" the self-promo (above) in Chicago at the Creative Freelancer Conference. I gave out a few of the prototypes to attendees asking questions after my presentation, to another speaker, to a couple vendors and others. I've dropped a few more in the mail the past couple weeks.

This past week I received a photo of a completed locomotive (below) from HOWie (what HOW Design Forum members are labeled) and Creative Freelance Conference attendee Nicholas Nawroth. It seems that Nick was bored silly, during an extended power outage resulting from the leftovers of Hurricane Ike blowing through Ohio, and decided to construct his train and give it a paint job.

I appreciate Nick sharing the photo and sharing the process on his Flickr page - among the storm damage documentation. As other images of completed locomotives make their way to me I will create a special set for the photos on my own Flickr profile.

My plan is to fine-tune and tweak my new promotion a bit, before sending it out to a variety of individuals and businesses in early 2009.

Photos by Nicholas J. Nawroth

© 2008 Jeff Fisher LogoMotives


Tom Smalling said...

That's a wonderful way to expand your brand - very fun & creative. Can't wait to see some of the photos on Flickr.

Brian Mays said...

Think there's a chance the tracks might run through Oklahoma? :-)

A number of us would love to get one.