My garden awakens from a rough winter

Over the 2008 holidays my garden got clobbered. The day I left for a two-week vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii the snow began. It literally started snowing while I was sitting in the plane on the runway at PDX. While in paradise, our next-door neighbor sent us a photo of some of the snow and ice in our yard (below). When we returned just before New Year's snow and ice still remained from the unusual weather. The damage to many plants was evident. With spring we will be able to inventory what did not survive the extended period of cold.

A landscape crew from Joy Creek Nursery recently spent two days cleaning up the winter storm damage and prepping the garden for spring - with a couple additional snow days thrown in for good measure. The survival of some plants is a bit "iffy." The New Zealand flax in front of the house probably took the biggest hit. The crew cut it back to about one foot from the ground. Our incredible daphne, which split under the weight of snow and ice, received a little repair work - with hopes for a full recovery. Many other crushed and broken plantings received a more drastic and earlier pruning than in previous years.

This past summer I was incredibly proud of my garden becoming a lush paradise (above). In fact, I was thrilled when I completed the front patio - and it appeared on the ApartmentTherapy website.

When the Joy Creek crew was done with their maintenance work I was a bit stunned. The clean-up was much more dramatic than in the past. My garden hasn't been so bare in years (above and below).

With milder temperatures, and several beautiful sunny days, the garden is starting to come alive. The snowdrops, croci and hellabores are blooming (below). Daffodils and other bulbs are pushing through the soil. New growth is appearing on many plants throughout the garden.

Soon I will be back outside "playing in the dirt," and getting a good dose of my garden therapy and inspiration.

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