Clickety-clacks along the LogoMotives tracks

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives was mentioned and spotted online and in print several times in January. Here's the latest:

People to Watch in 2009
The industry news magazine Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) named me one of their "People to Watch in 2009." It's a very flattering honor. You can read more about the recognition in my "Toot! Toot!" on the subject.

Five Great - and necessary - Marketing Makeovers
Being cited as an expert by Entrepreneur Magazine doesn't happen every day. Writer Gwen Moran asked me to be one of a three-member panel to review five marketing makeovers for the February issue. Of course, being published merited a Toot! as well.

30 Must-Have Logo Books
Design blog You The Designer was kind enough to list my second book, Identity Crisis!: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities into Successful Brands, among their must-have logo design books.

Jeff Fisher - Public Portrait | MonoExpression
Graham Smith, of I'm Just Creative, has initiated the site MonoExpression, showcasing black and white photo images of international creatives - along with a short bio or statement.

Over 50 Ways Designers Promote & Brand Themselves
I'm Just Creative brought some attention to the Jeff Fisher LogoMotives identity with their post about self-branding by designers and design firms

20 Weird Logos That Work (and Why They Do)
I don't remember my own logo ever previously being referred to as "weird." Well, VECTORTUTS has now done so in a piece written by designer Chris Spooner. I'm glad they think the design works.

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