Clickety-clacks along the LogoMotives tracks

The past month brought about quite a few mentions and sightings of Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, online and in the print world. Here's what I've come across recently:

2009 HOW Design Conference Wrap Up Long-time cyber and real world pal Neil Tortorella obviously couldn't resist including an image of Toots in an entry of his Inside the Marketing Mind blog (A great marketing and self-promotion resource for any creative type). [6.29.09]

HOW Design Conference 2009 - Austin, Texas On the blog associated with her brand spanking new site, my annual HOW Conference "wife" reflects on her recent Austin experience. [6.29.09]

The Reflex Blue Show HOW Conference Special: DAY THREE The clown Toots Caboose briefly crosses the tracks of The Reflex Blue Show, and its host Donovan Beery, broadcasting live from the HOW Design Conference in Austin, TX. [6.26.09]

Office Anthropologist I received my copy of the August 2009 issue of HOW Magazine, which includes an article written by Julie Sims of The Creative Group. Sims interviews Lionel Carreon, a recruiter for San Francisco-based digital marketing firm AKQA and myself, in regards to new hires fitting in when taking on new job situations. [6.23.09]

10 Faces you may know on MonoExpression - Part 1 UK logo designer Graham Smith featured 10 portraits from his MonoExpression online gallery on his ImJustCreative blog. [6.19.09]

Killed Ideas, Vol. 1 I was very happy to receive my hardbound copy of the Blurb book Killed Ideas, Vol 1, which includes my rejected Cat Adoption Team logo design. [6.18.09]

The Top Best Logo Design Books Designer Jacob Cass gives a mention to my book, Identity Crisis!: 50 redesigns that transformed stale identities into successful brands, in his list of published logo design resources. [6.15.09]

Logo Inspiration With Clever Typography Logo lover Andrew Houle, of, included the Jeff Fisher LogoMotives identity in his collection of interesting type treatments in logo creations. [6.12.09]

Always in Season A Twitter request from an editor led to me submitting one of my vacation photos and having it featured as a "Snapshot" on the site. [6.12.09]

As is sometimes the case, I did come across an older mention by way of a Twitter posting:

The Upside of Working for Free On the FreelanceSwitch site, Martha Retallick referenced my article “Profiting from Pro Bono Creative Efforts.” [3.27.09]

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