LogoMotives Design Tracks: Critters • Part 3

Animal life has been the subject of a large number of my logo design efforts - back to my college days in the late 1970s. Below are some examples, presented as "Critters • Part 3."

Robinwood Center
Client: Robinwood Center
Location: West Linn, OR USA

In 1981, fresh out of college, I was hired to create the logo for the Robinwood Center retail mall. The image was created on illustration board with a rapidiograph pen.

When Pigs Fly
Client: triangle productions
Location: Portland, OR USA

The pig's curly tail forming the S letterform in the name of this theatrical production made the identity stand out. The identity was recognized with an American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design:usa magazine and a Bronze from the Summit Creative Awards.

Sing Out Productions
Client: Sing Out Productions
Location: Littleton, CO USA

Kay Johnson, motivational speaker and singer, is the principal of Sing Out Productions. She delivers dynamic, inspiring and humorous keynotes, presentations and workshops at corporate events. "Why a fish?," a question often raised by the identity image, is answered in her presentations. The logo appears in The New Big Book of Logos, Blue is Hot,Red is Cool, The Big Book of Design for Letterheads and Websites and Logos from North to South America (Spain).

Client: Cat Adoption Team
Location: Portland, OR USA

I had one of those “aha” moments when this rough concept came together. With the acronym C.A.T., I wanted to create a graphic image that would clearly identify the organization without the need to spell out the name in all uses. The design won a Silver Award in the Summit Creative Awards. It is also in the book Killed Ideas, Vol. 1 and will be in the volume Designing for the Greater Good.

Client: Emerge Medical Spa at Bridgeport
Location: Portland, OR USA

The Emerge logo makes use of the typeface Allise from fonthead.com and incorporates the traditional symbolism of dragonfly imagery. The input of a psychic and use of runes within the design were part of the design process. The logo appears in The Big Book of Logos 5. It also won an American Corporate Identity 23 award.

Fritz Creek Gardens
Client: Fritz Creek Gardens
Location: Horner, AK USA

The owner's stories and photos of moose visiting her nursery gardens led to the graphic representation of the creature smelling the flowers. The Fritz Creek identity appears in the books The New Big Book of Logos and Blue is Hot, Red is Cool.

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