"Joe's Hair That Talk's," and other signs of culture, highlighted in friend's colorful Ghana volume

Last year my long-time friends Shawn Jones and her husband, writer Greg Coyle, jetted off to live in Ghana for several months. Shawn, a graphic designer, was volunteering her skills with Global Mamas, a nonprofit organization helping small women-led enterprises in Africa. Greg, along for the ride, would find himself participating a wide variety of activities, including entertaining and educating friends and family through his Ghana Way blog about the trip.

In his writings and emails, Greg mentioned the unique, and sometimes unintentionally humorous, business signage seen as the couple and new friends traveled around Ghana. That interest in, and photography of, the odd artistic advertising vehicles evolved into the book The Vibrant Sign Culture of Ghana, by Greg Coyle and Jason Wen.

The Vibrant Sign Culture of Ghana was produced by way of online publisher Blurb. The book is offered for sale through the site and all proceeds benefit Women In Progress, a supporter of Global Mamas. It may be purchased in softcover, image-wrapped hardcover, or hardcover with a dust jacket.

Recently having the opportunity to see the colorful book, I was once again pleasantly surprised by the quality of books from Blurb. I've been intrigued by the self-publishing option ever since first learning about the company in 2006. Just last month, I had my initial opportunity to see a Blurb book first hand with the arrival of Killed Ideas, Vol. 1, which included one of my past rejected logo designs. In June, while in Austin at the 2009 HOW Design Conference, I attended a presentation by Blurb on the making of their books (unfortunately I was unable to attend the party they hosted). As a result, all kinds of ideas of possible self-publishing efforts have been bouncing around in my little mind.

The authors of The Vibrant Sign Culture of Ghana were served well by Blurb. I recommend that you take a look at the book - and how Blurb may benefit your own self-promotion, or publishing, desires and needs.

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