Review: Design-it-Yourself Graphic Workshop: A step-by-step guide

"This is not a design theory book – it is a design instruction book." With the first line of his introduction to Design-It-Yourself Graphic Workshop designer, marketing specialist and writer Chuck Green has defined his recently released book succinctly. Rockport Publishers has wisely repackaged Green’s earlier books Design-It-Yourself Logos, Letterheads & Business Cards and Do-It-Yourself Newsletters into one handsome, all-inclusive hardback resource that will be a great addition to the design library of any wannabe, newbie or seasoned design professional. The book provides you immediate desk-side access to that favorite design instructor at school who always had the suggestion of how to tackle any creative challenge.

Green belittles no reader as he conveys the hows, whys, shoulds and musts in making use of basic graphic design principles on a variety of projects. The messages throughout Graphic Workshop are clear, straightforward and gently challenging. The design is clean, colorful and inspiring. Some design professionals may cringe at the “do-it-yourself” portion of the title (as I admittedly did with the earlier books), which seems to unconsciously bring the controversial “anyone with a computer can be a graphic designer” school of thought into play. However, if a potential reader can get past that descriptive title element, and concentrate on the phrase Graphic Workshop, the price of admission will be well worth the ride Chuck Green provides. When that young student in your life expresses an interest in the field of graphic design, Graphic Workshop would be the perfect gift. For those starting their careers, opening their own firms, or just needing a gentle kick in the rear-end, the book should be a welcomed source of encouragement. Every corporate, or organization, in-house designer should have copy at hand. In reading the book, I also realized Graphic Workshop would be a great tool to use in explaining to clients why something has been designed for them in a specific manner.

(P.S.: Happy New Year!)

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