DESIGNWIRE: A new design forum for the new year

An email this morning, from Australian designer Dale Harris, announced the introduction of a new graphic design forum - DESIGNWIRE: a design community. It is sure to be a great international resource - and already has members from Australia, the United States (California, Georgia, Oregon and Texas), Belgium, Canada, the Philippines, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Check it out for interaction with designers from around the world.

Creative Latitude has already added DESIGNWIRE to the listing of forums at the end of my latest article Funny Things Happen on the Way to the Forums. The piece is a question and answer session, on the topic of forums, with Judy Litt (until recently the guide for the Graphic Design Forum - see previous blog entry), Bryn Mooth (Editor of HOW Magazine and a moderator of the HOW Design Forum, Gavin Laking (Administrator of The Designers Network Forum, and Bob Nicholl (Lead Moderator for the Graphic Design Forum.

Have a safe (and somewhat sane) New Year's Eve!

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