Review: Graphic Design Portfolio-Builder

From online school of design comes the book Graphic Design Portfolio Builder: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Projects, an excellent resource for the newbie designer – and a great refresher course for those who have been in the profession a bit longer. Filled with tips and exercises, the book - developed by the instructors of - offers great fundamentals for any designer wishing to hone their design skills. The writers do assume the reader has some basic knowledge and experience in the Photoshop and Illustrator software programs, but do explain the various topics and lessons clearly and with a lot of detail.

After a basic “Intro to Graphic Design” chapter, the book is broken down into sections such as “Photoshop Essentials,” “Illustrator Essentials,” “Digital Illustration,” “Poster Design,” “Packaging Design” and more. The “Logo Design” chapter is a very good primer of principles, project examples and execution suggestions for those interested in the creation of identities.

For some, the title may be a bit deceiving. While putting together an actual portfolio is briefly covered, the volume is much more about assisting the designer in producing the best quality project work for presentation when that portfolio is needed in applying for a job or meeting with a potential client. The book would be a valuable addition to the library of any design student or seasoned professional.

Graphic Design Portfolio Builder:
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Projects

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Peachpit Press
ISBN: 0321336585

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