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Ok, I'll admit that I am notoriously cheap when it comes to marketing and promoting my own design business. I haven't done a self- promotion mailer in over 15 years. I don't pay for listings on design industry portfolio sites or directories. I do no Yellow Page or traditional print advertising. I don't subscribe to listings or ads in industry print directories. I'm not big on joining business-related organizations. Over the last decade I've had incredible success in seeing just how little I could spend on the promotion of my logo design work.

For the most part my promotion efforts have included entering design competitions, making use of press releases, writing articles for publications and webzines, speaking engagements and simply "working it" in other unique ways. In referring to myself (and my methods) I often say, "It's not that I don't play well with others; it's just that I want to choose where, when and with whom I play." Well, I think I may have found a place I want to "play" in designerID - and it may actually separate miserly me from a little cashola in the process.

According to the site, "designerID was developed by Brian Hock, a 15-year design veteran and graduate of Bowling Green State University. Hock refined the business strategy and concept at the AIGA-sponsored “Business Perspectives for Design Leaders” program held at Harvard Business School during the summer of 2005.Launched February 2006, is a web-based, virtual design community serving designers, design students and schools, organizations and suppliers. It provides members with an easy-to-use way to stay in touch with fellow designers and an easy-to-search design library."

The well-designed, easy to navigate, site offers member designers use of the web site to post their profile and examples of their work; research the type of work being produced locally, nationally and internationally; send and receive emails; and receive up-to-date news on competitions, conferences, and new products. A variety of site presence options are available from the reasonably-priced menu.

In addition to being a valuable business, career and networking resource, designerID just looks and seems like a lot of fun - kind of a nice private club without the snootiness. I've already seen a few familiar faces while initially checking out the site. Don't be surprised if you see my "mug" pop up when you visit the site in the near future.

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