Say NO!LOGO to speculative “contests”

and identity design requests

The online postings and personal invitations are tempting. The opportunity to possibly have your design selected as the “winning design” for use as the identity for a business or organization may be intriguing. At times there are even prizes – cash and otherwise – to entice a designer to submit creations for the “contest.” Still, such situations are nothing more than speculative, or “spec,” design. With the introduction of the international NO!SPEC crusade I have asked identity designers contributing to past Logo Notions articles to share their personal experiences, feelings and advice on the topic of speculative work situations.

Read the rest of this article, with comments from designers Jim Charlier, Calvin Lee, Judith Mayer, Cheryl Roder-Quill, Dan Stebbings, Gianluigi Tobanelli, Madelyn Wattigney, and John Wingard in the latest Creative Latitude Logo Notions.

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