OutStanding: Jeff Fisher Has Style

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry (when announcing my design of the publication's new logo) I've always felt that Just Out - Oregon's statewide monthly newsmagazine for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities - is one of the best LGBT papers in the country - in content and design. I was especially pleased when the new logo was recently honored with an American Corporate Identity Award.

It would seem that a mutual admiration society has developed between Just Out and myself over the years. In the most recent issue (April 21, 2006) the paper's OutStanding column features yours truly in an article by contributing writer Chelsia Rice. Publisher and Managing Editor Marty Davis has graciously allowed me to reproduce the article here on bLogo-oMotives:

OutStanding: Jeff Fisher Has Style

Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity, is not afraid to toot his own horn; he knows that a little shameless self-promotion goes a long way.

With more than 25 years of experience and approximately 450 regional, national and international graphic design awards, Fisher's promotional tactics are generating international recognition, catapulting his career into high gear. Featured in innumerable publications from Just Out to Fortune, his design firm LogoMotives is a local resource on graphic communica- tions and corporate identity.

According to his Web site, Fisher takes pride in "helping businesses and organizations stay on track through creative, innovative, affordable and award-winning identity design." His tactics are detailed in his widely circulated book The Savvy Designer's Guide to Success, which actually came about from Fisher's self-promotion.

"It's all about tooting," says Fisher. "If I don't toot my own horn, no one else will."

Although 80% of Fisher's work comes from outside Oregon, this sixth-generation Oregonian loves working from his international headquarters, located in the Arbor Lodge home that he shares with his partner of 16 years.

"People are so into neighborhoods, and that's why I love Portland," said Fisher, whose neighbors refer to him and his partner as "the boys." Much of their cooperative partnership is demonstrated in their garden, where Fisher says his partner "does things practical" and Fisher "makes things pretty."

More than 80 publications feature Fisher's logos, graphic designs and small-business marketing. His larger clients include local companies and organizations such as the Governor Hotel, State of Oregon, Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Seahawks.

Fisher has donated a considerable amount of his time to local organizations such as the late triangle productions! and Our House of Portland. He is also volunteering his creative mind to North Portland United Methodist Church for its second annual Pride celebration.

Fisher enjoys being involved in the community. As for his work, he loves graphic communications because it's "good to have something tangible to create for people."

For more information visit www.jfisherlogomotives.com

Posted with permission of Just Out

© 2006 Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

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