A quick "thank you" to GDUSA

While I had a moment this morning, I want to thank GDUSA publisher Gordon Kaye for the mention is his letter for the April 2006 issue. I was surprised to see my name as I read the magazine on a plane yesterday. It seems that their 50th anniversary issue poll on the most influential creatives of the era, which I addressed in a previous blog entry, generated a bit of feedback. Many comments were in regards to the absence of major design figures from the published poll results. Kaye included my comment, "I think it says a lot about the education of young designers and a lack of design hisory in that education." Kaye himself wrote, "Many of you agree, including recent graduates who tell us thay simply have not been taught about the giants on whose shoulders they stand." I hope those individuals establishing design school curriculum are listening.

While on the topic of GDUSA, I should mention the issue also contains Logolounge: The 2006 Report on logo design trends from the uploads to the site in the past year. Anyone interested in identity design should take a look.

One of the news items in the issue, C&G Wakes Up Early Sunday Morning was also something I discussed in a past bLog-oMotives posting.

I'd better get my act together now. The reason I was on a plane yesterday, and I'm now sitting in a hotel room in my underwear writing this, is that I am speaking to a group of design students from Spokane Falls Community College and Eastern Washington University this morning. Then, over the lunch hour, I will be making a presentation to the Spokane Advertising Federation. Then it's back on a plane to Portland this afternoon.

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Design Freak said...


Just wanted to Thank You.

For coming to Spokane, and speaking with us at Spokane Falls Community College & at our Advertising Federation meeting yesterday.


Kenneth Brewer