The Power of the Press (Release)

For supposedly being creative individuals, it is surprising how many designers do not think creatively when it comes to marketing and promoting their own work. Getting your name out to potential clients does not always mean lugging a heavy portfolio around to numerous art directors, making cold phone calls, or producing a slick and expensive direct mail piece. These traditional methods of introducing yourself to your target audience can be time-consuming, produce limited results, given the relatively small audience, and be very frustrating to a designer trying to work at the same time.

A much more effective way of promoting yourself may be through public relations. When you translate your efforts into what the traditional media of magazines and newspapers considers “news,” you create the possibility of free publicity – and we all know that “free” is a very good thing. While coming from a family of public relations professionals may have contributed to my non-traditional way of marketing my own design business, there is no reason why it can not be done by any other designer.

Read the rest of this article on the May update of The newly updated piece originally appeared on the former VisualArtsTrends and Commpiled web sites. It was also previously published in an issue of the American Society of Media Photographers publication, ASMP Bulletin.

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