Identita/Identity: International fax/email design

exhibit on display in Czech Republic

The 22nd International Biennale of Graphic Design exhibit is currently on display in the Czech Republic city of Brno. The Brno Biennale Association invited colleagues, designers, illustrators, and graphic design students from around the world to participate by designing and submitting their own vision of Identita/Identity for the special exhibition.

The representations of personal, club, national, global, local, professional, philosophical, religious, sports and cultural identity, created in black and white only, were faxed or e-mailed to the event organizers. The selected designs are currently on exhibit at the Gallery HaDivadlo Brno and Gallery of the Brno Cultural Centre in Brno through October 4, 2006. The event was sponsored by the Czech Fund of Arts Foundation (NCFU), City of Brno and Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

As many around the world will not be able to personally attend the exhibit, the event catalogue is available for download in PDF form from the organization's web site.

Note: Catalogue cover image courtesy of Brno Biennale Association.

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