The Rise of the Copywriter/Designer

Soon after starting college I found myself in the awkward position of really detesting my chosen path of study within the graphic arts program, which was part of the Fine Arts School. A friend then suggested I look into the Journalism School and its program of publication and advertising design courses. To participate in the design class offerings I also was required to take a selection of typography, advertising, marketing, public relations, journalistic writing and copywriting classes. With the copywriting courses, I became a much more marketable commodity as a designer who could also be called upon to write a clever tagline, concise headline or complete sentence. The journalism portion of my education has served me very well over the past 30 years as a professional designer - and writer.

The valuable input of four talented copywriter/designers (or perhaps "designer/copywriters") is included in the recent article The Rise of the Copywriter/Designer. Written by copywriter, marketing consultant and communications manager Shaun Crowley, the piece features Dean Rieck, Ayd Instone, Mike Matera and (my Creative Latitude and online design forum buddy) Neil Tortorella.

Crowley introduces his article with:

"It's tough being a freelance designer these days. You need to be a shrewd businessperson. You need to spend as much energy on your marketing as you do on your design projects. There are lots of neat ways freelance designers in the marketing communications arena stay ahead of the game. Some offer a unique layer of service such as free proof-reading or liaison with printers. Some market themselves as specialists in a specific area, such as video-based Web sites or 3D design."

"And then there are a few other freelance pioneers who are integrating something entirely new into their creative services—copywriting—and finding a whole host of new clients banging at their door."

Check out the entire article at The Rise of the Copywriter/Designer. Even more advice on the topic is included in Crowley's downloadable book 100 Copywriting Tips for Designers and Other Freelance Artists.

In addition, take the time to stop by the blog Inside the Marketing Mind to see what else Tortorella has to share with his fellow "creative types."

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